We harness technologies to develop custom enterprise-level solutions for our customers. Our software products and custom applications serve clients to enhance existing legacy systems, add platforms to create and enhance new sales channels, or create new mobile applications. As an Agile organization, we can respond quickly to accurately address changes in technology, legislation, and the marketplace to keep your business systems up-to-date and competitive. We don’t mess around.

Since 1997, APP Design has been leading the way with new methodologies, new platforms and applications, and a dedication to first-rate design, development and implementation in a variety of industries. We are a dedicated B2B resource that understands the importance of the three pillars of successful projects – Time, Budget, and Quality.

We are a smaller, cost-effective alternative to the big consulting firms. Our staff is comprised of people who have been in the enterprise-level IT world for more than two decades, and we have a deep network of expert resources. We are invested in partnering with our clients for their success and ours. We will work with your staff and stakeholders to develop effective requirements and wish lists, and use them to identify scalable enterprise-level technologies and solutions that best work for your business needs, schedule, and budget.
Please visit our case studies for more information about some of our recent projects.

What Others have said

“On behalf of our team at Independent Health, I would like to thank you for all of the work that you have done on this interface, especially for your ‘scope creep’ tolerance. Your customer focus, dedication and cooperation with CSC has enabled our organization to close this phase of the project and begin to solicit additional users in production.”
— Tom Unger, Project Manager, Independent Health
“Their rigorous approach to software development and depth of healthcare experience allows us to integrate new features and data feeds quickly and feel confident that they’ll run perfectly the first time, every time.”
— Joe Speroni, HealthXnet
“Through projects such as the consent interface, APP Design plays a project management role for us, which is necessary for an organization of our size. By enabling us to put out a custom-built product, are hospitals and provider offices are able to get real-time responses to eligibility and claim status requests and reports.”
— Kathy Wasik, HealtheLink
“It was integral that we brought in a resource with industry knowledge of what customers need in healthcare transactions and experience in the healthcare exchange arena. We preferred a smaller company that was able to bring its business knowledge and IT skills to the table and people that would be a good fit with us.”
— Joe Speroni, HealthXnet