What We Do

APP Design is a software development and system integration company based in Chicago. Founded over 20 years’ ago, we specialize in full cycle web application development including databases, ETL, data warehousing, and data analytics. As an agile organization, we respond quickly and accurately, to address changes in technology, legislation, and in the marketplace to keep your business systems up-to-date and competitive.

Our applications are capable of handling millions of transactions for thousands of users with no unscheduled downtime. We pay particular attention to security, reliability, and linear performance scalability. We deploy our software on multi-node clusters hosted on web farms, glass house, and clouds. Our software has a proven track record of standard compliance and security.


Our Approach


Time to market is essential for today’s development projects. With the traditional waterfall model, solutions can be obsolete before release. Our rapid prototyping and agile development method puts working solutions in your hands sooner, gathering customer feedback over multiple iterations, to release valuable features as soon as possible.


Quality cannot be tested in at the end of a project. Quality must be built in from the beginning. We design for testability, extendibility, reliability, readability, and scaling. From well-researched enterprise architecture, continuous integration, testing, mock deployments and staged releases, we ensure quality is baked into our solutions.


Our domain knowledge and practical experience allow us to create scalable enterprise solutions rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Our developers have many years of experience designing successful systems. 


Having delivered hundreds of successful projects over our corporate history, we have adopted a set of best practices for consistently delivering successful solutions; architectural roadmaps, staged releases, and automated testing are just a few of the practices we employ.                                                                   


Through client brainstorming sessions, design reviews, dedicated client wikis and issue trackers, we constantly communicate with our clients for feedback, ideas, questions, and comments.                                                                               



We believe in simplicity and elegance. Every iteration is refactored, reworked, and refined until we achieve a simple, maintainable, and scalable solution.

Our Clients