Featured Case Studies



The US Department of Health & Human Services Department for the Office of the National Coordinator was looking for resources and educational materials to be offered to providers to demonstrate and implement meaningful choice for patients. Our client needed a solution that would educate patients and providers about their responsibilities with respect to consent management, develop methods and materials to support the education process, and develop methods and materials to obtain actual consent.


As part of an 18 month project, we developed an educational application in multimedia (tablet) format to instruct patients on what it means to share their personal health information in a health information exchange, and an electronic patient consent solution to obtain their meaningful consent decision. As part of the project we:

·         Developed multimedia education application that presented educational material in flexible presentation layer with ability to customize content

·         Developed solution to digitally capture and securely transmit patient consent decisions to the HIE

·         Conducted a month long pilot of the e-consent solution at multiple provider sites

·         Published open source software for community adoption

The e-consent project was successful in identifying a number of key factors for patient understanding and lessons learned for future implementations of e-consent. Through this pilot project, our client successfully launched an online resource to include lessons learned, instructional videos and open source tools.



Our client, a large hospital services corporation, was not able to perform administrative transaction, did not have enough IT resources for support, and its system was not scalable. The organization needed to bring in an IT team to support its product and customers.


Our company played a key role by taking over full administration of the client’s system and employed our RHIOnet solution to help the client connect to national clearinghouses and substantially expand the organization’s product offerings.

Before APP Design, the company was not performing any real-time transactions in a HIPAA-compliant transaction set. Now, the organization has expanded functionality, is achieving steady growth in customer base and transaction volume and revenues.



Our client, a provider of multi-vendor, component level repairs for a wide range of point-of-sale (POS) touch screen and visual display products needed to better meet customer demand. The company needed a tracking system that would allow it to easily and efficiently manage the complete return merchandise authorization and repair process, the repair parts inventory, and track time spent on repairs. The client considered off-the-shelf software, but found it either too expensive or that it required excessive customization to adapt to their existing business processes.


APP Design’s solution was to develop a custom repair depot and return merchandise authorization system.

The system manages and tracks returns and repairs through the entire process, from inbound receipt of shipments, diagnostics, repair, quality assurance, packing and shipping. The systems gives the client the ability to gain real-time visibility of all repair chain activities and up-to-the-minute repair status, whether a unit is in repair on a technician’s bench, waiting for parts, able to be refurbished, assigned to scrap, in final quality control, pending shipment, or in transit.

The system also manages the replacement parts inventory and tracks a technician’s time and parts used in the repair of a unit. It provides a technician online access to unit specifications and in-house customer based business rules.

An executive dashboard displays real-time key performance indicators and metrics such as incoming shipments, unit repair turn-around time, low inventory and technician efficiency to manage the business and meet customer Service Level Agreements.

The system has allowed the company to dramatically scale their business operations from a local to nation-wide level.



Our client, a large Health Information Exchange, was in need of a patient consent management solution with an enhanced community portal.


We designed and developed a real-time patient consent interface for our client. Through the interface, authorized users are able to retrieve patient consent status during eligibility verification, saving time and multiple logins. The interface, using XL/7 V3 standards, enabled our client to further integrate administrative and clinical workflows to reduce costs and improve outcomes for its patients.

As an extension to this project, we modified the HIE’s existing RHIOnet infrastructure to add a two factor community authentication portal along with the ability to receive SAML authentication requests.

Retail Analytics for consumer goods suppliers 


Retailers are pushing more merchandising responsibility on vendors. Increased retail and online sales means more channels to analyze with small to mid-sized vendors having little to zero analysis capability or budget to implement an expensive IT project. 

The solution

Our solution was a subscription based Software-as-a-Servicedata analysis suite for Consumer Product Goods manufacturers.

We provided a very low-cost service that did not require hardware, software or IT resources; only internet access was required. The vendor was be able to log in each day to find out what was selling and if they were in danger of items becoming out of stock. 

Electronic Form Management Solution

The challenge

Our client needed a cost cutting and productivity boosting system to submit, track, and manage provider to payer prior authorization requests. Manual processes are the prevailing method to do so but are far more costly than electronic transactions, particularly for healthcare providers. Due to the limitations of the current processes in place, managers lack the ability to produce meaningful reports on staff productivity, prior authorization turnaround times, and denials across multiple health plans.  

The Solution

With our solution, providers are able to initiate, track, and manage prior authorizations for multiple health plans from a single site.  Minimizing costly manual processes (phone, fax, and  email) for the initiation and management of prior authorization requests have increased staff productivity and increased efficiency.