Immense Savings with RHIOnet

RHIOnet, a product of APP Design, offers a clear and recurring revenue model with real cost savings to promote HIE sustainability. As an administrative companion to traditional clinical solutions for an HIE, RHIOnet connects patients, providers, and payers to administrative and value-added services by serving as the community portal for all communications. Through the community portal users are able to access information, make queries, send secure administrative transactions and emails or connect to third party services.

Using Single Sign-On to access services such as E-Consent, Disclosure Tracking, Eligibility and Claims Status, RHIOnet lowers costs and reduces administrative burden by decreasing the need for phone calls, faxes, and postage, lessening the burden placed on help desks, improving payment collections, reducing data entry errors, and increasing workflow efficiency, by shifting from manual to electronic formats, all done in real time, online.

RHIOnet’s electronic transactions reduce costs associated with administrative tasks and improve workflow efficiency saving you time and money with every automated transaction.

For example,

  • Using RHIOnet’s Eligibility and Benefits transaction, one of our clients saves about $200,000 a month, by collecting co-pays, otherwise not received due to unknown eligibility at the time of service (about 15 percent of all their co-pays).
  • One APP Design client reduced call center costs by nearly $20,000 and eliminated the need for $8,600 per month in communication costs. Combined, these efforts reduced the annual costs by more than $340,000.
  • One APP Design client estimates they save $80K yearly in postage by using RHIOnet versus sending reports through the mail.

For more examples of cost savings to HIE members, click on the infographic below entitled, “RHIOnet’s Administrative Transactions Amount to Immense Savings”


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