TREEConfigurationSystems Traversing Environments Readily (TREECSTER)

Treecster provides easy hierarchical configuration structures. This is done with advanced hierarchy functions and inheritance of properties. Visit our project site for downloads and information on how to contribute.

What’s so great about it?

With Treecster, you can do away with lengthy configuration files specifying every property for every instance of every application in every environment. Treecster is designed around the idea of defaults and hierarchy. Unwieldy property files with endless key-value pairs are replaced with as little as one YAML file, with defaults specified at each configuration level (i.e. environment, application, instance…) and custom values defined in the sub-levels.

How do I use Treecster?

Treecster is simple, see the API.


You can download the latest version at the Sourceforge download page, or you can get the source code by following this guide.


Please use the following:

  • Treecster’s API
  • Forums on SourceForge for general discussions
  • Trackers to submit bugs or feature requests
  • to contact the authors, send mail to treecster SourceForge org


Treecster is released under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)