Times and trends have changed regarding mobile usage vs desktop applications. Mobile internet usage has recently exceeded PC usage for  the first time in history. This includes B2B companies, many of which are increasingly relying on mobile applications to streamline internal operations, to acquire new customers, and to improve communication.

Your mobile strategy must provide solutions that reflect  current  trends, are functional, secure and valuable,  but are also scalable and can be adapted quickly to changing needs for a competitive advantage. And while the user experience is different from mobile to PC, the project management, system design, user experience, ability to look at the big picture, and business skills needed to develop a mobile solution, is not. If anything, these items have become more important in this fast moving environment.

Whether you are a start-up needing an internet presence or mobile application, or a fortune 500 company needing to move  to a responsive mobile environment by integrating your existing investment in technology, APP Design can provide the resources to design, develop and manage your custom application development.

Mobile Projects

Department of Health and Human Services Tablet-based Multimedia Health Information Exchange Consent Education and Selection

IoT Startup Mobile Exercise Statistics App

Maximizing e-Consent Education

The Challenge

The US Department of Health & Human Services Department for the Office of the National Coordinator was looking for resources and educational materials to be offered to providers to demonstrate and implement meaningful choice for patients. Our client needed a solution that would educate patients and providers about their responsibilities with respect to consent management, develop methods and materials to support the education process, and develop methods and materials to obtain actual consent.

The Solution

As part of an 18 month project, we developed an educational application in multimedia (tablet) format to instruct patients on what it means to share their personal health information in a health information exchange, and an electronic patient consent solution to obtain their meaningful consent decision. As part of the project we:

  • Developed multimedia education application that presented educational material in flexible presentation layer with ability to customize content
  • Developed solution to digitally capture and securely transmit patient consent decisions to the HIE
  • Conducted a month long pilot of the e-consent solution at multiple provider sites
  • Published open source software for community adoption

The e-consent project was successful in identifying a number of key factors for patient understanding and lessons learned for future implementations of e-consent. Through this pilot project, our client successfully launched an online resource to include lessons learned, instructional videos and open source tools.

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