The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is transforming every industry with newly connected products intended to bring greater efficiency and simplicity to life and is improving our health and lifestyle, energy savings and personal safety.

With low cost sensors, bandwidth and processors that provide almost limitless amount of uniquely identifiable devices, voice control, and ubiquitous wireless connectivity, IoT is limited only by the imagination of what is possible.

As this transformation merges the physical and online worlds, it is opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments, and consumers.

Our engineering experience with embedded systems programming can offer your start-up or expanding business reliable, secure, and scalable devices and environments at every stage of development from proof-of-concept to production implementation and support.

IoT Projects

Medication Adherence Startup Device Firmware Design and Development

Exercise Startup Device Firmware and Server API

Medication Adherence Device

The Challenge

There are a plethora of complicated and costly medication adherence devices on the market, but APP Design was charged with developing a device that was smart, yet simple and that could be made available to patients at little to no cost.  The device had to remind those with many prescriptions when to take their medications and to remind the patient when the medication was already taken.

The Solution

OTIMER’s requirements for small, disposable, and extremely simple to use device placed extreme constraints on the design and architecture.

APP Design worked with OTIMER to develop the hardware and firmware for OTIMER’s disposable medication adherence device. APP Design helped design the hardware, developed the assembly language firmware for the ATmel processor, and worked with the printed circuit board house over several iterations to reduce the size, cost and complexity of the device.

Resistance Device with Smart Technologies

The Challenge

Existing video game and exercise devices have many faults. For instance, they are easy to “cheat”. The specialized controllers can easily be fooled using minimal movement and have almost no resistance or haptic feedback. Exercise devices use resistance, but lack smart technologies. Our client needed a solution that was resistance based, provided real time fitness metrics, and was connected to the internet for online games and competitions.

The Solution

Over a period of more than 18 months, APP helped the client develop hardware and firmware for a resistance style exercise device in combination with digital technology.

This included optimizing the internal hardware over several iterations so the device can emulate a game controller, allowing virtually any game to be played.  APP Design developed the device firmware which reads the position of the device’s multiple control inputs, converts them into Human Interface Device protocol, and sends them via USB interface to the host game. The firmware also receives commands from the host game and sends signals to the device hardware to provide game-controlled variable resistance and haptic feedback.

APP Design also developed APIs for interfacing the device to games and sending exercise time and calories burned to a compilation website.

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