Today’s disruptive technologies change the way we live; the healthcare industry is no exception. These technologies often overhaul the outdated systems and add value to the industry.

In the healthcare industry, the technology is being forced to change as federal and state mandates such as HIPAA  rules, patient consent regulations, meaningful use measures and reimbursement models have been passed, meaning significant changes to practice, hospital and health information exchange operations and create new ways to engage patients.

For over 15 years, APP Design has been at the forefront of healthcare technology creating custom solutions that add value to the industry and achieve substantial time and cost savings to healthcare systems, health insurance companies, providers and health information exchanges.

APP has the experience and resources to connect and integrate your administrative or clinical systems to allow the interoperability you need to compete and operate in today’s environment.

Healthcare Projects

Hospital Interface Engine Gap Analysis, Selection, and Installation

Healthcare Information Exchange Medicaid Interface,  HIPAA 5010 Conversion

Health Plan Claims Repricing Engine Design

Blood Bank Software Data Conversion Suite Development

Healthcare Startup Wellness Assessment Development

Healthcare Information Exchange CORE Interface Design, Development, and Certification

Definitive Healthcare Solutions

The Challenge

Our client, a large hospital services corporation, was not able to perform administrative transaction, did not have enough IT resources for support, and its system was not scalable. The organization needed to bring in an IT team to support its product and customers.

The Solution

Our company played a key role by taking over full administration of the client’s system and employed our RHIOnet solution to help the client connect to national clearinghouses and substantially expand the organization’s product offerings.

Before APP Design, the company was not performing any real-time transactions in a HIPAA-compliant transaction set. Now, the organization has expanded functionality, is achieving steady growth in customer base and transaction volume and revenues.

Enhanced Development and System Scalability

The Challenge

Our client, a large Health Information Exchange, was in need of a patient consent management solution with an enhanced community portal.

The Solution

We designed and developed a real-time patient consent interface for our client. Through the interface, authorized users are able to retrieve patient consent status during eligibility verification, saving time and multiple logins. The interface, using XL/7 V3 standards, enabled our client to further integrate administrative and clinical workflows to reduce costs and improve outcomes for its patients.

As an extension to this project, we modified the HIE’s existing RHIOnet infrastructure to add a two factor community authentication portal along with the ability to receive SAML authentication requests.

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