Bringing the HIE Together
Save Time and Money
Solutions to Sustainability

Immense Savings with RHIOnet

RHIOnet's community portal, combined with administrative services and value added services, delivers revenue to the HIE and cost savings to the member organizations, ensuring their participation. Sharing in the implementation and maintenance of solutions will reduce administrative healthcare costs and assist the HIE in enrolling payer and provider stakeholders. View our infographic for a look at more cost savings.

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Increase Community Adoption

Before the sharing of health information can take place within a Health Information Exchange (HIE), patients must give their consent. RHIOnet's eConsent application allows providers and authorized staff to update patient consent online in order to inform patients of the their consent status, encourage patients to give their consent and drive the consent process.

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Bridging Clinical and Administrative Transactions

RHIOnet's easily accessible interface, or “the community portal” facilitates interaction between patients, providers, and payers. Using single sign-on, the community portal connects to existing clinical transactions, RHIOnet's administrative transactions, and to 3rd party value added services for a comprehensive health information exchange experience.

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