We design and develop secure, easy-to-use healthcare applications. Our solutions have continually proven to reduce costs, improve service, and add value to our clients and to theirs. More


As our name implies, we can turn your mobile app idea into a reality. We build, deploy, and manage intuitive and approachable custom mobile applications for a wide variety of businesses. More

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We build scalable and secure enterprise class applications capable of handling millions of requests for thousands of simultaneous users with unparalleled levels of performance. More

Internet of Things

With experience in software and hardware, we understand smart technologies. Our knowledge of embedded systems allows for seamless integration and connectivity, wholly suited for the Internet of Things. More

Why APP Design

APP Design is an IT consulting company based in the Chicagoland area with over 20 years’ experience that specializes in enterprise level web and mobile applications design, development and implementation for clients nation-wide. We are a project-oriented firm that can work with you and your staff from design through implementation based on your needs. We are an agile shop experienced with open source languages and databases, including current cloud, voice, and IoT technology.
20 Years in Software Development
Over 100 Projects Completed
500 Million Transactions Served
Repeat Customers
Referral Work

Our Approach


Time to market is essential for today’s development projects. There is no longer time for the “waterfall” model, where solutions could be obsolete before release. Our rapid prototyping and agile development philosophy puts working solutions in your hands sooner, gathering valuable feedback over multiple iterations to achieve the perfect solution.


Having delivered hundreds of successful projects over our lifetime, we’ve adopted a set of best practices for consistently delivering successful solutions; architectural roadmaps, staged releases, and automated testing are just a few of the practices we employ.


Whether through client brainstorming sessions, prototype reviews, client accessible wiki and issue tracker, we constantly communicate with our clients for feedback, ideas, questions, and comments.


Quality cannot be “tested in” at the end of a project. Quality must be a constant from the beginning. From a carefully researched enterprise architecture through continuous integration, automated tests, and load tests, we ensure quality is baked into our solutions.


As Einstein once said, “everything should be made a simple as possible, but no simpler”. Making simple solutions is hard work, but it’s always our goal. Every iteration is refactored, reworked and refined until we achieve a simple, maintainable, scalable solution.


Our domain knowledge and practical experience allow us to create scalable enterprise  solutions rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Our developers have many years of experience designing successful systems. This business knowledge gives APP Design tremendous advantages in defining and meeting business objectives.

  • Joe Speroni, VP HealthXnet

    “Their rigorous approach to software development and depth of healthcare experience allows us to integrate new features and data feeds quickly and feel confident that they’ll run perfectly the first time, every time.”

  • Tom Unger, Project Manager, Independent Health

    “On behalf of our team at Independent Health, I would like to thank you for all of the work that you have done on this interface, especially for your ‘scope creep’ tolerance. Your customer focus, dedication and cooperation with CSC has enabled our organization to close this phase of the project and begin to solicit additional users in production.”

  • Joseph Speroni, VP, HealthXnet

    “It was integral that we brought in a resource with industry knowledge of what customers need in healthcare transactions and experience in the healthcare exchange arena. We preferred a smaller company that was able to bring its business knowledge and IT skills to the table and people that would be a good fit with us.”

  • Kathy Wasik, Project Administrator, HEALTHeLINK

    “APP gives the personal attention that’s necessary in healthcare and technology-based products as those areas change daily. The ease of working with them is huge for us, and they follow through almost immediately with any requests we have. Everybody at HEALTHeLINK is happy with APP Design, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to others in our industry.”

  • Kathy Puchalski, Vizual Edge, Visual Performance Specialist

    “The team at APP Design are easy to communicate with, which is especially important when the interaction is an integral part of the success of a project. Having a company with which you can interact and that will respond to issues you may encounter is essential to a project’s success.”

  • Kathy Wasik, Project Administrator, HEALTHeLINK

    “Through projects such as the consent interface, APP Design plays a project management role for us, which is necessary for an organization of our size. By enabling us to put out a custom-built product, are hospitals and provider offices are able to get real-time responses to eligibility and claim status requests and reports.”

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